Workforce Profile

A complete Workforce Profile compiled by the State Department of Workforce Development can be found at

Rusk County offers a strong workforce. Wages in Rusk County are relatively low when compared to the rest of the state: Rusk County’s annual average wage was $26,445 in 2010, equaling about 66% of the statewide average. Only 20.9% of Rusk County’s resident workforce commutes to jobs outside the county, compared to a 28% statewide out-of-county commuter average.

Looking at residents 25 years and older, those with less than high school make up 14.6 percent of this group. Those with high school graduation or equivalent make up 43.8 percent. People with some college but no degree make up 17.7 percent and those with a bachelor’s degree, 10.7 percent. Graduate or professional degrees account for 4.0 percent of this population segment. The average age of workers in Rusk County is 44.1.

Not easily measured is the quality of Rusk County’s workforce. Hardworking, experienced, dedicated and dependable are a few of the words that describe the workers of Rusk County.

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